Black Anvil Triumvirate - Japanese Edition CD
Triumvirate - Japanese Edition

Black Anvil Triumvirate - Japanese Edition [deluxe] CD

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Limited one time press Japanese edition includes the bonus track "Veadtuck".

NYC's BLACK ANVIL let loose Triumvirate, the follow-up to 2009's acclaimed 'Time Insults the Mind', on the unsuspecting world. Triumvirate's assault is powerful, primal, and pure; capturing and channeling the spirit of metal's earliest trailblazers through a 21st century urban hostility. Insidious tracks such as ''Evil of All Roots'', ''Scalping'', and ''Dead and Left'' are as cold and hard as they are hypnotic. Triumvirate unquestionably leaves BLACK ANVIL's enduring, pitch-black mark on the metal world.