Death Human Reissue 12"

Death Human Reissue 12"


Release Date: July 9, 2021

Butterfly effect colorway shipping approx. 1 week before release date of 7/9/21.  Black vinyl shipping immediately.


Ninth Press

8090 x Translucent Gold with Bone White Butterfly Wings and Aqua Blue, Red and Brown Splatter Standard Gram

2059 x Black Standard Gram

Eighth Press

5000 x Clear with Bone White Pinwheels and Brown, Blood Red and Cyan Blue Splatter Standard Gram

Seventh Press

1500 x Black Standard Gram

Sixth Press

1200 x Black Standard Gram

Fifth Press

2000 x Black Standard Gram

Fourth Press

2100 x Black Standard Gram

200 x Black and Gold Merge with Red, Bone White and Bronze Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

Third Press

1000 x Black Standard Gram

Second Press

1000 x Bone White and Bronze Merge Standard Gram * Exclusive*

300 x Black Standard Gram

First Press

3800 x Black Standard Gram

500 x Metallic Gold Standard Gram *Retail Exclusive* (Not available through

500 x Blood Red Standard Gram *European / Rough Trade Germany Exclusive* (Not available through

500 x Black and Blood Red Merge Standard Gram * Exclusive*

300 x Clear with Blood Red, Bronze and Aqua Blue Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

300 x Picture Disc * Exclusive*

DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released the Individual Thought Patterns album (the follow-up to their watershed Human release) in 1993. Expectations were high following Human, but Schuldiner proved once again that he could rise to any occasion. Individual Thought Patterns further honed the forward-thinking and progressive direction birthed with Human, and included “The Philosopher”; arguably the best song to ever come from the world of extreme metal and to this date the most widely-recognized.