Sumerlands Sumerlands 12"

Sumerlands Sumerlands 12"

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Release Date: September 16, 2022


Third Press

1059 x Halloween Orange, Black and Cyan Blue Tri Color Merge with White, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

Second Press

500 x Royal Blue Standard Gram

First Press

1100 x Black Standard Gram

300 x Translucent Gold with Aqua Blue and Cyan Blue Splatter Standard Gram * Exclusive*

100 x Clear (do not request clear)

Sumerlands explode onto the scene with their incredible self-titled debut album of classic heavy metal. Inspired by the timeless guitar-driven sound of the 70's & 80's, Sumerlands feature former Hour of 13 / Atlantean Kodex vocalist Phil Swanson and renowned producer Arthur Rizk (Inquisition, Power Trip, Pissgrave) on guitars and behind the boards! Powerful guitar riffs and galloping rhythms meld flawlessly together with soaring vocals and pristine production to create strong, hook-filled, moody anthems. This is a new wave of American Heavy Metal at its finest! 

  • Includes Digital Download